2009 Letters of Intent

Dear Esteemed Committee,

This morning I'm hobbling around the house nursing recent wounds from the 2009 Boone Binge. I know that after 4 weeks logging hours in the wind tunnel, I can take out the prologue favorites, Quinn, Winter-Shirey, and (last year's winner, new roadie specialist) Greg Mees. I have been shaving down my Nevegals with an Exacto knife into the perfect aero shape that will carry me to victory on Bone Shakers. The aftermath of my victory party will be felt in Athens for years to come. The Georgia Theatre will not be the only landmark left in shambles.


Howie Davis: Letter of Decimation!!

In a coup that landed our team at the Yargo Dirty Spoke 12hr. 4 person co-ed event a 2nd place trophy, Krimson will not be riding due to our 5th teammate for that Yargo race has grown in her belly significantly and reserved her for SAG vehicle status. "Watch out next year!!", she says. My intentions this year after sitting off any bike with a broke-ass wrist is to survive one day of this Epic adventure. I aim to put another dent in the Daylight Prologue times though with another bumbling, stumbling Nighttime effort!!


Dear powers that be
After narrowly missing the top spot on the Boone Binge podium. I will seek to yelp through every stage on my way to the fire pit each night. Eating a whole chicken and float on mushroom dust into the golden tunic. Which I cannot actually wear because of germ concerns.

Yelp to the Tech 5000 (fire talk with me)

Hey dudes,
I'm coming hopefully for stage 1 but definitely the 26, 27, & 28th. I don't know if you heard from Eric Purdue, but he claimed to be coming.
- Benjy Coil

Tour committee, goons, and gangsters.
The time is upon us to gather and "float" the N.Ga.hills. Whom ever can touch the sky first wins. A-town beckons the return of the jersey and all the revelry that it brings.Those who can, will. Those who can't, will try. Those who roll will never forget. "The Fall Tour"
(Nasty in the O.C.)

In 2007 I was 3rd. In '08 I was 2nd. In the 2009 Fall Tour I will take the final step towards eternal glory! My secret training sessions with Lance have transformed me into a grand tour champion. Lance has schooled me on how to deal with the media, proper doping procedures, and the importance of a security detail, in which I have hired Georgia's D-line. Coach Mark Richt has informed me, that since Georgia has decided not to play defense this year, he would have no problem letting his star defensive players watch my back. The only thing left is to don the the germ-infested golden tunic.


Yo Tour Committee... I'll be doing all 4 days of the tour again in 09... This is my 7th Fall Tour so I've got plenty of experience and I can only hope that any one of you guys can drink have as much beer as me and still finish to the tour much less finish ahead of me!

Fellow Fall Tourians,

After my recent stringent training regime with my cycling and strength training coaches in the high country I have timed the peak of my cycling career to align with the 9th annual Fall Tour. Countless days with D riding and chipping at bench cut have transformed the sticks that once carried me around into crank-crushing appendages of power. Long (6 hr) work days with the nutrition coach fire talker YT-2000 has my engine prepared to run on anything as long as there is 6 sided kanagen water and copious amounts of lean white meat. Clearing the world famous trails that have put The Fall Tour on the map have gave me with the ultimate advantage of knowing every stob, rock, root, and creek crossing leaving me with the perfect line choice to deliver me to the podium. Finally with some last minute training sessions in slippery conditions have prepared me to surf my way over all obstacles and deliver myself unscathed and victorious in the battle to claim the germy golden tunic. As the director of the only bike event big enough to go head to head with interbike I wish luck to all who choose to battle!

- Kt

Attendees, Spectators and Fans...
The 2009 Fall Tour is shaping up to a beautiful one. The elements are going to make everything a little more crazy but I feel that with my vast experience in water saftey and water rescue will only increase my chances of a Top 5 finish.

- GA drew

To the commitee of fall tour(Know to northeners as, The dirty south)
After a very long season of invitationals, shity short track races, and traveling around with GA mouth of the south, the season has begun to kick my ass. After dirty, yt, and kt worked me over in the boone binge my intent is to hold on and try to replenish the fear dirty D has lost of me.


Attention Fall Tour Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce the participation of one Chad Irey in your North Georgia Fall cycling extravaganza. The Commonwealth of Kentucky has never before sent a fellow Bluegrasser so deep into the dirty south. Normally we only permit them to travel sideways, or east to west on the latitude lines from our central cycling hub of Cov-town, KY. Your far south Confederate ways are not a desirable scenario for our well learned Yankee proteges. However, we feel that Chad is capable of deflecting any of your anti-whats right with the world sentiments. Please accept a gift from our Minister of Moonshine. The Minister was very gracious to send along some of the agencies top secret potion. It will aid the fire side recuperation procedures.

If Chad don't put a crush'n on you, that aromatic shine will!!!

Yee Hawww


Bart Withingham
The Commonwealth's Secretary of everything Sport.