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Bring an extra pinata

It's my intent to participate in said prestigious event in all its fullness and drink copious amounts of brown liquor.

tour tour tour!! I will be there.

Jimbo 'Slice' Stevens
4 days of bread and butters

Revered Fall Tour Committee,

I hereby commit to turn myself inside out on the legendary single track of N. GA. I cannot fully commit to GC but I am hopeful at the moment. I also commit to supply fodder for the flames at the Center of the Universe to light up the night and warm our tired bones.

The Tour promises debauchery and trail-consuming gluttony and I am up for the challenge. My shirt size is small though my aspirations are anything but.

Roger, aka Fire Bringer
I intend to take part in another experience that we have all created! What every individual brings to the tour, inspires and enriches our lives. Let the world outside, do as it must! We, Grand Tour Riders adhere to our own code! Viva!! I look forward to seeing you all around the campfire! PiƱatas beware!! D
I intend to meander around through some colorful trees, breath fresh mountain air, fire pit with some characters, and bond with a bike.

Please accept my entry Friday, Saturday, Sunday this year for the premium event, The Fall Tour, lavuelta.

Glenn Poupore
Marriage equals compromise. The Fall Tour should be left out of this equation, but my solution hasn't presented itself yet. No Saturday for Forsberg. VIVA!!!

I, FarmerG, do solemnly swear to do my best to complete the full pull at the 2016 Fall Tour and share generously of the fruits of this years harvest.

Farmer G
For the sixteenth Fall Tour
Participation indeed
Four days I will ride

I am ready forr the only race that matters the Fall Tour. Will there be M&Ms? Will there be a huge fire? Will there be sweet singletrack? Will there be steep accents and steeper descents? Will there be rad folks to spend 4 days riding with? If yes to any of these questions then sign me up.

Next level
Gold star

In for a full pull. Looking forward to the finest race of the year!!


Nat "SO PRO" Dunn
I'm bringing the ruckus.


p.s. I swear I didn't give up any information concerning the whereabouts of fall tour committee members while being interrogated by that Russian spy pretending to be a dentist...
You can count on either Erin or me being there each day. The boys and I will be up for doing a day of sagging the group as well. Probably Sunday sag day.


Here's to riding track that is single, seeing double, and boosting triples.

I'm in for four.

It's just a bike ride. What's the worst that could happen?

Ladies, Gentleman and those who are not, it's Fall Tour week and !#%@#% all! I'm stoked to be part of such an event and even though I'll only make 2 days it'll be 2 of the greatest days of the year. Can't wait to see all you slummers!

ga drew
Full Pull. Trading one set of third graders for a more adult group of third graders.

All in!

Rick Real
I am in. Not sure how many days my body and marriage will allow but I am a full pull in spirit!

Let the Ruckus unravel, bring on the fierce marshmellow battles. I will see all you party people for a full four day pull!