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Now accepting 2018 Letters of Intent @ notahammer@yahoo.com

I aim to be there for four days.

I hereby issue my letter of intent to the esteemed Fall Tour committee. I Jacob Meyer being of questionable mind and body wish to poach the greatest race in the world for Sunday and Monday. Let it be known that all GCer's to be ready Saturday night. The full fireworks subcommittee will be in effect and present.

Aka Fabio
Aka asshole
Aka the snake

Hear ye, hear ye oh estemmed Commitee,
I hereby submit my intentions of not taking a lick of responsibility for anything, including my actions, for the 4 days of the greatest show earth. There are no rules, just right. RAGE.

This guy is SLOW

jimBo slice coming in for the queen stage! can't wait.

Jim "Cat" Stevens
Dearest committee, it is with my deepest regret and condolences, and a little bit of shame, to report that I will not make any stages of the tour this year. I will however put in a cameo at the prologue.

Bring on the full pull!


A man needs to know his limitations. In this case, I bow to those who can. Hopefully will join for shenanigans Sunday evening. VIVA!!

I am stoked for 4 days of the Fall Tour!

Brown's down (for 4)

Matt Brown
Hot damn, I can't believe it's real! This lil Watts has been pedaling around the ATH for years but has never made the infamous Tour...til now! Hoping for a full pull but waiting to see if the Tour gods look kindly upon my first attempt. I heard there's beer...

Terri Watts (tWatts)
Hear Ye, Hear Ye... ScottCleggTM is intent upon completing the epic
four day saga known as The Fall Tour. I'll be breaking out the Kilt, so
get ready.

It was Jersey or bust. Bailed on duties, I'm game.

It's been approximately 352 days 7 hours 41 minutes and 24 second since the last Clemson Cat Massacre...or there abouts. The Beast has been tamed and subdued. Anger management classes attended, yoga and mediation seminars attended, and maximum security kennel booked. Clem and Clementine are in Full Pull!

And we plan to bring a friend. Below is his letter of intent

Clem and Clementine
Excited to attend my first Fall Tour. Thanks to Clem for including me in this esteemed event. I plan to embrace a full 4 day experience as long as my legs, lungs and liver hold up.

My family and friends think I'm going fishing. If I don't survive, please put some perch in my pack, a trout in my trousers and toss my body in the river. Thanks.

I am coming for prologue action and 7 days. Eric is rolling down from NY for 7.

This Letter of Intent is to commit to schlepping the beer from Currahee Brewing Company to the FT.

Riding is unknown due to health/heart issues.

No veggies, no secret crops this year.


Farmer G
Stoked for a 2018 full pull on my favorite trails with my favorite people. ViVa!!

Nasty Nat Dunn
Esteemed Director and Commitees,
Please accept this, my letter of intent, as a Winter-Shirey Full-Pull. There will be at least one representative of the clan at each of these 2018 stages of The Fall Tour. God-willing and the creek don't rise, this could be the year we both do all four days, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Highest regards,

The Winter-Shirey's
Esteemed and Exalted Fall Tour Committee,
I hereby commit my all to the undertaking of Fall Tour 2019 - full saturation for four days in all the ways.

I may not win, but this is an event where no one loses.

As always, my aspirations are large, and my shirt size is small.


Glassy Mountain dream for FT2018

Don Newman
Droopy's so slow

Benduro Hobbs
I'd like to ride 1 day of the Fall Tour b/c it was fun the last time and I miss it! Also, I'm hoping to see some familiar faces while pedaling uphill and rolling over some gnarly obstacles downhill in the beautiful mountains. I'd be driving in from NC for the weekend.

Alicia Provenzano