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To the few who will ever read this,
I, Drew Genteman, hereby submit my formal intentions to take part in the 19th Annual Fall Tour Invitational. This year marks my 15th year as part of this event and there is nothing like it. Nothing. It's the leaves, the loom, the fresh air, the north Georgia mountains, the cool streams, the riding, the racing, the pain, the pleasure, the people, the booze, the haze, the freezing your ass off, the stories, the shit talk - the whole fucking thing. To you reading this.... VIVA EVERY DAY AND LOVE THE ONES YOUR GOT!

VIVA todos los dias!!!

It's that time of year again. When the best athletes in the world, converge in the center of the grass roots racing universe. I have spent the past few months hiding deep in the green mountains, chasing snakes and drowning in maple syrup. All in preparation for the only 4 days that matter any more. I'm in for a full pull, but can't guarantee I will be consciously present at all times. Looking forward to getting back down to the Dirty South!! VIVA!!!!!!!

This one's for T!

I intend to attend Saturday and Sunday.

My attentions are to be present and see what my new normal is like on long hard Fall Tour days. I'll last as long as I can.


Though out of contention for full pull rock star except in spirit this year, I'll be there full send and in the flesh on Friday and Saturday! ¡VIVA! #taketerrapinontou

If by hell or high water! I hereby intend to partake in the 19th annual Fall Tour. Count me in on this traveling freak show of family and brotherhood that we've all created. Remembering that many have gone before us this year, and honoring them by realizing that we are very much alive.

Viva everyday!

While I won't be able to make a run at a title defense, I am certainly in for at least 1 day of one of the funnest times of the year. Let the party begin!

I want to throw my hat into the ring for my first fall tour.

Keith Waldrop
I am in for a full pull or till the body gives out.

Sun/Mon combo looks to be the tentative go. Still in staging, but ready and stoked for any trail time with this dirty crew!

Russell Bobbitt
I plan on four full days and nights of The Fall Tour.

I'm all in

Doug aka Butters
I, Jerry McClung, come seeking redemption. In for the full experience. Hoping to keep all my bones and ligaments intact this time. VIVA!

Jerry McClung
My days on bike won’t allow me to even suffer as my fitness is in the the duffer. Though I will be there Sunday to SAG and will have it ‘in the bag’.

Howie "DANGER" Davis

I do hereby declare that I’ma bring my ass to Clayton for a full pull this year. 2019 has been on hell of a ride, I’m miserably out of shape, and I can’t wait to see all of y’all.

What better way to get back my legs back than a full tour? That’s how this works, right?

Tom McArthur
I swore I’d never do it again, but clearly I played myself. About to get that dfl band back together and can’t wait.


Definitely not a hammer....prolog and hopefully one day. 🤘

dear committee i matt turbo gentry plan on attending the 2019 fall tour for the full pull. want to focus on media and having a good time. looking forward to the good times ahead.

Shirey is in for all four days. Viva!

It is with fevered anticipation and angst that I announce my "intent" to do my first FULL PULL in my years of participation. I pray my old rickety body holds up for the duration.

Neal "The Real Deal" Arnett
Most esteemed Fall Tour,
I do hereby proposal to you this offer of most unexpected value and benefit to your family. This offer, I warn, is of limited duration time with expiry date of October 28. Here is said proposal to you, my friend, Fall Tour: my presence exclusively is offered for as many as four days at agreed location at date concluding as previous mention, all at nominal cost to all parties, only this - a medium-sized clothing piece of covering torso. For this, attendance of offerer is assured plus a gratis donation of lignin-cellulose mixture for burning.

Do not linger on acceptance on respond this offering. Time does burn most unceasingly.

Dr. Roger, esq.
I, Steve Wolf, intend to ride the full pull.

Let the insanity begin.
Mayor of Rowdy Town checking in, 4 days of proper pain and liquid encouragement lie in our very near future and I look well and forward to every minute with all you heathens.

Finally, Tour time!! Full pull and stoked!! Let's get in on!


Everybody always talking 'bout getting tight, well I say we accept our true fate and make the 19th tour the loosest of all. I'm in for three and if the the tour gods say so and the creek don't rise, a shot at GC. Viva todos os dias!!!


I intend to live the experience of the tour and enjoy time with friends. And to ride f’n hard.
Dear committee,

I, Jacob Meyer, being of questionable mind herby announce my intent to race all four days of the fall tour.

Chicken Paw
Team Northern Aggression will be heading down to enjoy some more of that great southern hospitality. Can't wait to see you all there.

Let's ride,
New Y
I, Brent Noisette, accept the challenge to race all 4 days fully pinned and to send it as far as possible!!!!

Ride or Die!!!

Brent N