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Now accepting 2020 Letters of Intent committee@thefalltour.com

I Durr T do not intend to be physically present at the 2020 Fall Tour. I hope I,  and others not present, are in the thoughts, actions, and pedal strokes of the peloton. Two decades filled with history and tradition has gone by in a flash. Celebrate what we have accomplished. Everyone has had a integral part to play. Excitement bounds In this family, about the future to come. Continue to create. Use your energy to make a reality, what was only an idea 20 years ago.



I plan on joining Sat and Sunday.


I am in for it all. Yeeeooowww!!!

Chris Arndt

Absolutely stoked to join in on this year's fall tour on Sunday and Monday. Looking forward to some fun shredding and good times!

Asa A.

New guy here-I will be riding Friday-Monday. Look forward to it!

-Allix Dennis

I intend to ride at least one big day, maybe two… (Saturday/Sunday)

Who’s ass does one have to kiss to get on this committee anyway?

-Wild Bill

New guy here-I will be riding Friday-Monday. Look forward to it!

-Allix Dennis

Clem will be there for Friday-Monday for moral support and a small amount of riding. Clementine plans be there Saturday and Sunday to make up for Clem's awful looks and shitty personality. See you soon!

Clemson Folk

I TURBO Gentry am planning on all 5 days of the 20th grand fall tour. "Now this mountain i must climb. Feels like a world upon my shoulders.  Through the clouds I see them shine. It keeps me warm as life grows colder." Foreigner

Matt "TURBO" Gentry

Paradox Farms and FarmerG in. Hot sauce and other homegrown goodies will be on tap.

Not sure how long I'll last but planning on starting in Athens and see how it goes from there.

Looking forward to seeing all my good friends and making new ones.



For 20 years I have been watching your fall tour escapades with amazement. It has taken me this long to get to the point where I might even consider such an epic journey for a day. Don’t know what Don has planned for us on Raban but I’m sure it will be a saga to tell for years to come.


Committee of the Fall Tour,

I hereby submit my letter of intent to have one hell of a good time mixing it up with a bunch of rowdy mountain bikers shred'n the gnar in North Georgia!  Can't wait to get this show and the road and ride some amazing singletrack!  Let's do this!!!

Thomas Turner

The Ghost of The Fall Tour’s Past visited me in my dreams last night and showed me of all the reasons why I plan to Full Pull.

The Russell Bobbitt 

20 years of trails offer an overflowing menu.  I will RSVP for Athens best trails and then all the way to WMA classics.  We will see you on Raban and down the ridge.  Maybe more ... and learn if too much is enough.


I'm in for just the Athens stage. Prior commitments to Pisgah and mother in law move to Athens (!.)

Happy to help with local preparations.


Gonna try the WMA day but still having after effects. I’m down to party Thursday night if you camp up here.


'In every kind of endeavor, there are ample opportunities for extra effort. Grab those opportunities, embrace that extra effort and transform ordinary mediocrity into bright and shining excellence.'

Full pull my tour friends. Here's to transforming ordinary mediocrity into excellence!  


Scott Jake

To whomever shit bags this letter of intent may concern. 

I intend to spend five full days of debauchery, mayhem and sheer nonsensical means of entertainment  with some of the best/worst people I have ever had the pleasure to know.  Good luck and god speed you dirty sons of bitches. 

Viva! Viva! Viva! Bikes! Viva! 


To whom it may concern and for those who it does not concern,

N45 - May D one day be FREE. 


Full pull

Steve Wolf

I would like to state my intent to participate in my first fall tour.  Planning for Athens, WMA, and a day or so in the North GA Mtns.

Keith Waldrop

Dear Committee,

As a Fall Tour rookie, apprentice, kook, newb, I hereby declare my desire to participate in the 2020 Fall Tour.  As of today, I can participate in all stages except Friday.  Please accept my humble letter of intent.

Ted Pearson

It's my intent to spend 5 days fall touring wit you folks, VIVA!


Over the course of 20 years, this isn't the first time I've needed to help free D, so I'll do what I can in this case, as well. 


My first Fall Tour was 2013. Nearly had my face blown off, but I rode into the future. Here's a haiku to inspire the GC.

All Viva descend

A strong, mirthful beaver screams

The Future is Now

GC for the 20th! VIVA!


Full Pull

Matt Brown

The time is here and near. Stoked to be apart of the 20th year of Fall Tour shenanigans. Beers and bikes for 5 days on north ga’s best. Let’s do it

Austin MF Stevens

Hey you dirty bitches and bastards. Get ready for the time of your life. Full of phenomenal single track, good friends and great times.  Just don't go to bed before the lynch mob forms.


Over the course of 20 years, this isn't the first time I've needed to help free D, so I'll do what I can in this case, as well. 


20th Anniversary of The Fall Tour Invitational. Wow.  So stoked to be a part of the "Tour" family of dear friends.  Stoked too every year to see new faces welcomed into the scene.  This annual event helps to keep me sane and gives me hope for a brighter future for us all.

5 day Free D Tour!! 

 I'm all in.   ViVa le Tour!!!   

Nasty Nat Dunn

Sketchy Kat flying in from points unknown, requesting a place on the illustrious list of GC contenders for the FT2020.  Taking all safety precautions against the COVID cough cough.

Shirey has filled me in on some of the scheduling.  I plan to be in Athens the day before Day 1.  Day 0?

So far it's only me representing VA-WVA-RVA-AUS.  Unless I can wrangle some rippers to jump in for the ride.

Jess 'sketchy' Cad

Athens fo sho! We’ll see about the rest. Cheers!

Alex H

20 years of The Fall Tour... Thanks to all the folks who have kept this going! I'll try and keep my social distance by keeping all the rest of you behind me, as far as possible.

I'm in for the Full Pull. 


Screw it I'm in! This should be fun right?!?!
With full intentions of a full pull let's go!
G-OFF, or whatever the hell you want to call me haha


I, Thomas McArthur, do hereby declare my intentions to return to the east for this the 20th of Fall Tours 'cause there's nothing more important in life than bikes in the north georgia mountains with you folk.


Signing up for a full pull! Stoked, and see you there

- Stephen G

To all of whom it will concern:

I'm in for the whole deal. I just have to lock down a babysitter for Friday! Hoping not to get lost at the WMA this time. Till then!


Bikes beers repeat...five whole days and sleep deprived nights can’t get any better I’m in.

New Y

I here by state my intent to pursue yet another DFL.


Hey there, Committee,

I think I'll be there for a bit - not sure how much - maybe a day, maybe 5. The Fall Tour is not to be missed, even in the time of COVID.


Maintaining my propensity for perpetual bodily injury, I will be unfit for action this tour. Thus, I intend to assist with SAG all 5 days. God luck and good speed.

Lil Jake